Creating Memories With Your Best FriendsCreating Memories With Your Best Friends

Friends are an important part of life. With the support of good friends, you can overcome any difficulties in life. Once you grow older, you sometimes get distant from your best friends because you tend to get busy in your personal lives. However, the memories we create remain with us forever.

We must create memories at a young age. Because once we grow older, we tend to become busy as our priorities change, thus making it harder to create new memories. We’ll look further into the beauty of memories, their benefits, and their importance.

How To Make Memories With Your Best Friends?

Creating memories doesn’t necessarily mean planning something grand, crazy, or adventurous. Things like going for a long drive and singing your favourite songs off-tune are things you cherish.

If I recall my favourite memories with my best friends, they would be, – teasing each other, making jokes, bunking classes, or the spontaneous plans my friends and I made like going out for a walk but ending up in another city!

It does not matter what you do, just being surrounded by true friends is what matters. With them, you never have to plan to make memories, you often make them unknowingly.

There is a common saying “We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun” This is one of my all-time favourite quotes as it beautifully describes how we are never aware that we are creating memories.

Benefits Of Creating Memories With Your Best Friend

Do you recall your father or grandfather telling you a fond memory from their childhood? Did you look at the spark in their eyes while they narrated the story to you? The memories we make at a young age stay with us till the end, these memories keep bringing us joy till the end of life. Moreover, they are worth cherishing, and they have several benefits such as:

  1. Nostalgic Memories 

When you recall a good memory after a long time, you are filled with nostalgia which is comforting as it brings you a sense of belongingness. These memories are a part of your childhood that you cherish, and relieving them provides you with a sense of warmth and happiness.

  1. Stress Relief

You feel at ease when you spend time with your friends and joke around. Their presence brings you comfort which helps you relieve stress.

I recall an incident where I was anxious about my interview, and my friends helped me by conducting a mock interview and asking me nonsensical questions to make me laugh. While it was quite silly, it did help me relax before my interview.

  1. Increased Happiness

We often forget about all our worries when we are with our friends. This is because we are so busy enjoying a moment that we forget about our worries temporarily. Spending time with friends is a healthy escape from negative thoughts and feelings, that is why when we spend time with friends, we feel happier.

  1. Strengthens Bond

When you have a lot of memories with someone it’s hard to forget them. This is because they have a huge impact on you. You may notice that your best friend is the person you have the craziest memories with. This is because these memories help you get closer and strengthen your bond.

Importance Of Creating Memories With Your BFF

Imagine how your life would be without any happy memories, wouldn’t it be plain and dull? It is one of the many reasons why one should never back out from gaining new experiences.

An advice my elder brother gave me was to never miss out on new experiences, and try everything in life. It will not only make you wise but also create memories for you to remember!

Apart from these, the experiences we had in our past shape our future. For example, if you were bullied as a child, you are more likely to distance yourself from social interactions. However, if you were a popular kid, and well-liked by all your peers, you are more likely to be bolder and confident.

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How To Preserve Memories?

Since the rise of social media, we often revisit old photos on our Instagram feed, randomly see a picture in Snapchat memories from many years ago, or maybe a Facebook memory pops up on our feed!

However, this is all digital. If you wish, you can make a scrapbook or even a friendship diary where you can document all your memories and cherish them in the future.

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