Journal Writing For Teenagers: The Way to Personal GrowthJournal Writing For Teenagers: The Way to Personal Growth

Nowadays, journaling has lost its charm due to the rise of smartphones, social media, digital content, etc. Nonetheless, Journal writing is the best way to express yourself, moreover, it improves your writing skills. It can play a major role in shaping teenagers’ personalities and thoughts. Therefore, teenagers should write journals and express how they feel.

Well, before moving further, it is crucial to learn the meaning of journal writing. 

What is Journal Writing or Journaling?

Journal writing which is also known as journaling is a way of writing down your thoughts, feelings, experiences, tips, ideas, and vision. 

Journal can be of many different types, but it is divided into 2 major categories:

  1. Academic journals
  2. Personal journal/Private journal

Academic journals are written to record the research by the experts and researchers of that particular field of academics. Whereas, personal journals are written for your purposes, however, you can publish them if you wish to make it known to the public. 

Personal journals are further classified into different categories, some of which are:

  • Gratitude Journal
  • Travel Journal
  • Retrospective Journal
  • Art Journal
  • Creative Writing Journal
  • Goal Oriented Journal
  • Fitness Journal, and
  • Self-Care Journal

Gratitude Journal

As its name suggests, a gratitude journal is used to write down what you are grateful for on a particular day, event or place. These are a kind of daily journals that people write to cherish positive and beautiful events and experiences of their lives.

A Gratitude Journal helps an individual to grow a positive mindset by acknowledging positive things around him. It is one of the best methods to beat the negativity and appreciate life.

Travel Journal

Travel journals are generally written by travellers who write and share their travel experiences, memories and the uniqueness of the tour. It is also known as a travelogue. It is not a daily journal, therefore, it is written only when a person goes on a trip.

Travel journaling involves travelling which opens a door to learning by visiting various places. You get an opportunity to learn different languages and cultures. 

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Reflective Journal

It is a kind of journal in which an individual reflects upon and introspects his progress by analyzing the present development and what he had accomplished in the past. It is the best way to analyze your progress, introspect and become self-aware.

Writing a reflective journal helps an individual in his personal growth.

Art Journal

In an art journal, a person expresses his thoughts, ideas, feelings and imagination using drawings, sketches, paintings, doodles and collages. Unlike other journals, in an art journal, people use fewer words or no words, their focus remains on exploring their artistic side. 

Creative Writing Journal

Unlike a usual journal in which we write our feelings and thoughts, in creative writing journals, people explore their creativity. They express themselves through various means like writing poetry, songs, short stories, fiction, etc. Moreover, some people like to write essays on any random topic to sharpen their skills. 

Goal Oriented Journal

As its name suggests, a goal-oriented journal is centred on tracking your progress towards your goal. Generally, it is written for a long time by setting a goal and dividing it into small tasks. One must try to achieve those small goals and write down his progress in the journal.

Such a journal plays a significant role in helping you achieve your goals. 

Fitness Journal

Fitness journals are written by those who are concerned about their fitness. It is a type of writing in which individuals write about their daily progress towards achieving their fitness goals. Moreover, he may write about his diet plan, lifestyle and routine.

Such a journal is a must for those who want to lose or gain weight and who want to stay fit. 

Self-Care Journal

Self-care journals are a kind of writing in which people write about their well-being. Such a journal is quite beneficial for those who want to work on their physical and mental well-being.

In a self-care journal, individuals focus on giving value to self-care rather than making people happy and sacrificing things for them. Such blogs are a must for those who want to fight low self-esteem.

Benefits of Journal Writing for Teenagers

The teenage years are a phase of tumult. In these years, teenagers work on personal growth, and self-discovery and want to explore their true identity. In such a crucial phase of life, if they are trained to express themselves by writing down their feelings and experiences, it will be easier for them to control their emotions. 

Moreover, journaling will help them develop self-worth, support their mental and physical well-being and give them a chance to work on their creativity.

Further, daily journal writing helps them to become aware of their surroundings and the people around them. Besides, they get learning opportunities and an opportunity to get educated about things by exploring them. 

Personal Note

I believe journal writing is one of the best ways for teenagers to express themselves. They can share anything with their journal without any fear of being judged. Moreover, it is a great way for introverts to express themselves. 

During the hard days of teenage when everything seems going out of control due to the play of the hormones, journal writing will provide you with peace and a purpose in life. Give it a try and I assure you that you won’t regret it. 

By Anshuman

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