How to Deal With Anger Issues: 7 Ways to Keep CalmHow to Deal With Anger Issues: 7 Ways to Keep Calm

As humans, we have feelings and emotions. Sometimes, in extreme conditions, we get taken over by our emotions making it impossible for us to hold onto them and then we burst with extreme reactions. Anger is one such emotional reaction. Not to mention, most of us don’t know how to deal with anger issues and anger management techniques. 

However, the remedy to anger issues lies within us. If we have self-control and control over our thought processes, we can’t be overwhelmed by anger. Besides, there are many ways to deal with anger issues that we will learn later in this blog post. But, first of all, we need to know the reason for our anger. 

Why do we get angry?

Anger is an emotional reaction that we experience in daily life, which is generally triggered by stress, people’s behaviour, actions, and things around us. It is a burst of emotions which is very hard but not impossible to control. 

Now, the question is why do we get angry? Well, when we experience something terrible or things that annoy us, all of sudden the hormone levels change in our body creating a response to those actions. Such a reaction is called anger or aggressive behaviour. Hormones that are responsible for triggering an outburst are testosterone and cortisol. 

However, as far as the psychological aspect is concerned, we generally get angry about things that affected us in the past. Suppose, we had a troubled past having experienced so much violence by troublesome parents. In such a case, if you see somebody fighting or getting aggressive, your body responds to that based on your past experiences. In such situations, you can become angry and uncontrollable.

Moreover, there are other reasons like personal problems, persistent irritation, anxiety, mood swings, etc.

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Is being angry normal?

Yes, being angry is quite normal. It is a natural reaction of your body towards something that you abhor or are not comfortable with. Humans have both emotional and intelligence quotient; based on situations, they react accordingly. Sometimes they react with their intelligence and sometimes they react emotionally. A balance of both is an ideal state.

However, in most circumstances, humans tend to react emotionally, anger is one such example. Nonetheless, if you suffer from excessive anger and have to face anger issues more frequently, then it is not good for your health.

Thus, it becomes imperative to learn how to deal with anger and anger management techniques.

7 Anger Management Techniques

How to control anger?

Well, there are many ways to control anger, some of them can be created by yourself by analysing your state of anger. However, in this blog, we will discuss some of the most effective ways to deal with anger issues, these are:

Being Aware

Anger is just a mask of deeper emotions residing inside you. You suppress those emotions and when it becomes excessive to hide them, the barrier that holds them breaks! You experience impulsive behaviour and a fit of rage. 

Therefore, It is on you to address those hidden emotions and try to bring them to the fore at the same time when they come to your mind. Instead of suppressing them, be aware of what they are and how you can deal with them.

When you are sad, it is okay to cry or feel low, there is no big deal in that. When you are ecstatic, it is okay to be happy and full of joy. Expressing your emotions is a good way to acknowledge them. Thus, be aware of your feelings and emotions and understand them instead of bottling them up.

Contemplate when you are calm

After an episode of rage, try to keep yourself calm first. When you are tranquil, contemplate what happened. Think about what triggered your extreme emotions and caused you to burst into anger. Further, try to analyse the situation which caused you to experience anger.

Apart from this, you can write down how you felt at that time on a sheet of paper. Analyse everything and tear that sheet into pieces. Well, it might seem foolish, but it has positive effects on your mind.

Fight your feelings and thoughts

When you are done with identifying the triggers and analysing the issues that cause the anger, there comes the time to fight your feelings and thoughts. Think rationally, why do you feel that way? and why was your anger triggered? If you get the reason, counter that by asking yourself the question, “How can you manage it if it happens in future?”. 

After pondering over everything, get an answer to the question you asked yourself. Fight your feelings unless or until you come to a satisfactory conclusion. 

You must remember that not only knowing how to deal with anger is necessary but implementing what you are reading here is a must. So, not only read but prepare yourself to fight your biggest enemy, the anger. 

Let off of past experiences

In most cases, anger is a result of our past experiences and trauma that we faced. Thus, it becomes crucial to let go of traumatic past experiences. Although it is not easy to do so, you can practise it by making yourself understand that those experiences can only cause you harm.

Write those experiences on a sheet of paper, read them again and again, and at last, roll that piece of paper into a ball and throw that into a water body. Think that you have thrown those past experiences into the water and you are getting rid of them.

Such an experiment is suggested by many psychologists and experts to counter your thoughts from your past experiences. 

Vent out your anger

If you are holding grudges against anyone or you are upset about something, there is no need to bottle up your feelings. You must vent your anger and let your feelings flow freely. 

For this, there are many anger rooms or rage rooms where you can visit and vent your anger by breaking and smashing things. Moreover, you can throw stones in a lake or river.

Well, there is another good way to vent out your rage, you can channel your anger into something fruitful by kicking and punching a boxing bag or creating a piece of art like a painting or a poem. 

Last but not least, you need to understand that holding on to anger is like taking a sip of venom. Therefore, it is wise to let them go by any means possible. 

Practising meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are the best ways for everyone to live a peaceful and contented life. Whether you are suffering from anger issues or not, doesn’t matter; they are good for everyone. 

When it seems impossible to control your anger and every anger management technique fails, there comes a time to practise meditation and mindfulness. These are the best ways to tranquillize yourself and get rid of extreme emotions and unstoppable thoughts. 

Learn how to practise meditation and mindfulness. 

Consulting a professional

When you feel nothing is working for you and your anger issues have surpassed all limits, you need to see a professional. They are well trained and have experience of dealing with all such clients having anger issues. 

These professionals show you a way to overpower your anger through counselling, psychotherapy, and medication if needed. They will teach you how to control your anger in the best way possible. 

It is the last but the most effective technique of how to deal with anger. 

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