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True friends are most sought after when it comes to making new friends because they are scarce to find. Our search for true friendship continues, for some, it goes till the end of their life. 

Some succeed in this pursuit of finding true friends, but some fail. In this journey, we fail to cherish the moments with our friends because we remain dissatisfied and our pursuit continues.

Well, it is common to remain dissatisfied with our friendships due to overwhelming expectations. Also, there is a common perception that friendships aren’t the same as they used to be in the olden days. In all this, we lose so many chances to convert our existing friendships into true friendships. 

Well to understand this better, we need to learn what true friendship is and how it affects us. 

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What is True Friendship?

A true friendship is a type of ideal friendship in which there is mutual respect, care, support, admiration, forgiveness, and most importantly, loyalty. In true friendships, you feel safe and not afraid of being judged, moreover, you have a deep understanding. Such friendships exist mutually; you can’t expect others to be your true friends unless you have the qualities to become one. 

Although true friendships are scarce, they are not impossible to form. When you spend more time with your friends, develop mutual understanding, stand by each other, and remain loyal, then your friendship will automatically escalate into true friendship. All it needs is time and patience.

Advantages of Having True Friendships

There are many benefits of true friendships, some of which are:

Care and support

In a true friendship, friends remain devoted to each other, therefore providing care and support. In every friendship, care, and support are the most important things as they make you and your friend feel special and strong during the time of need. 

Even in general friendships, we see care and support but only to some extent. 

Promoting your well-being

No psychological therapy is better than surrounding yourself with a bunch of people who understand you, listen to you, and with whom you can have long conversations. True friends are always available to listen to your talks, and they never get bored. They listen to you, tease you, feel you and in some instances, they share their views. 

When true friends are around, you feel a vibe of good air around you. By keeping you happy, they help you improve your physical and mental well-being.

Kind and listening

Friends who are empathetic towards your problems deserve to be your true friends. Empathy is necessary for friendships. It makes you and your friends understand each other’s problems and feel them. As a result, you become magnanimous and kind towards each other.

A friend who is a good listener is more likely to become your true friend because you know that he listens to you keenly. You believe him to be serious about your talks, therefore, it strengthens your relationship. 


No one can become a better cheerleader than your friends. Those friends who stand by you during tough times and cheer for you to rise above all odds are your real friends. Further, such real friendships are nurtured with better understanding and communication. 

Many times in life we feel low and therefore go through a tough phase, in such a condition, we need some people who can rejuvenate our vigour. True friends come to your rescue by boosting your confidence and morale. 

Loyalty and forgiveness

Last but not least, loyalty is the foundation of a real friendship. When you and your friends remain loyal to each other, there will be no space for misunderstanding or someone to backbite. Whoever will try to break your friendship will have to taste his own medicine because you know about each other’s loyalty.

Moreover, in true friendships, forgiveness also plays a major role. Humans are prone to committing mistakes; sometimes, knowingly or unknowingly we commit mistakes that cause heartbreak. Nonetheless, true friends forgive each other and move ahead. 

True Friendship in 2024

If you look to make new friends in 2024 and form a true friendship, then you must remember that making friends is easy but toiling to make the bond stronger is hard. And if your bond is not strong enough then there is no chance that you will ever be able to find true friends. 

Moreover, another important thing is to bring those changes in yourself that you want to see in your potential true friends. In your journey of finding real friends, you need to work on yourself by dedicating yourself fully to the friendship. 

Once you have all the qualities of a true friend, it won’t be a difficult task to find true friends. When you behave in a certain way, your friends notice that and they reciprocate the same. 

Whether it is 2024 is 2042, making true friends will never be impossible. You need to be sincere and serious about your friendship goal, that’s it. 


True friendship in 2024 is possible, but we need to learn the real meaning of true friendship. Once we know the meaning, it becomes easier for us to form one. Moreover, you need to understand the advantages of having a true friend so that you can toil to make one. A true friend shows loyalty, respect, and support, and admires and stands by you. Moreover, he is always ready to forgive you. But, one should remember that it works both ways. If you seek a true friendship then you have to acquire the traits of a true friend first. 

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