Healthy Boundaries in Friendship: Their importance and how to set themHealthy Boundaries in Friendship: Their importance and how to set them

Boundaries are necessary in every aspect of life. Without boundaries, things can escalate and give rise to unprecedented situations. The same goes with relationships, setting healthy boundaries is quite necessary. Friendships are also a type of relationship, therefore, it becomes crucial to set boundaries and mutually respect them.

Well, if you don’t set boundaries there are chances that misunderstandings may arise, fights may break up, and tension may rise. If you have a definite set of boundaries to follow, it becomes clear to every stakeholder what they should do and what they should avoid at all costs.

Nonetheless, only setting boundaries is not important. When you set boundaries in relationships, it becomes imperative that you enforce and follow them sincerely. For this, you and your friends need to be serious and committed towards the rules.

Let’s move ahead and learn what healthy boundaries in relationships feel like.

What Are Healthy Boundaries in Friendships?

The boundaries around our home ensure that no intruder transgresses into our property and affects our peace of mind. Likewise, healthy boundaries in relationships are the set of rules which include acceptable behaviour, expectations, limits, etc. They are enforced to limit interference in each other’s personal lives so that everybody can enjoy their personal space and peace.

They may include:

  • Understanding “No” means “No”
  • Respecting personal space
  • Financial independence
  • Respecting individual interest
  • Respecting each other’s language, culture, traditions, etc.
  • Maintaining time boundaries
  • Not criticising unnecessarily 

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Importance of Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Friendship

Keeping boundaries is necessary in every aspect of life. If you don’t set and understand the boundaries, you are more likely to transgress; the same goes for friendships and relationships. Boundaries ensure that your personal space, privacy, peace and identity are not compromised. Moreover, establishing a healthy bond. 

Generally, we see in relationships that if there are no boundaries, you remain vulnerable to being taken advantage of and are unlikely to healthily grow. 

However, setting boundaries makes it clear to the stakeholders what they all want from that relationship and what they don’t expect to be done. Additionally, healthy boundaries will help you in your mental and emotional well-being.

Generally, we see people in relationships and friendships don’t set boundaries. It is one of the biggest mistakes they make. Due to an absence of boundaries, people can go to any extent, especially when they are comfortable and free. 

Transgression into personal space, taking advantage, exploiting, gaslighting, manipulating and bullying become common practices in relationships. Therefore, boundaries act as a guard for relationships and the person concerned. 

How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Well, if you want to set healthy boundaries in your friendship, every concerned person needs to be consulted so that they can share their opinions. Ask your friends to write down on a paper what they like and dislike, moreover, ensure that they mention the boundaries they want to set. You also do the same.

Read everyone’s opinions carefully, and examine what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. Now, create the list of dos and don’ts. Moreover, mention some general rules like financial boundaries, privacy, etc. Once the draft is ready, give everyone a chance to read the draft. In this phase, you can again ask for their opinion if they want any change in that. 

Once the set of boundaries is finalised, pass on a hard or soft copy to everyone. Additionally, make a solemn pledge altogether to abide by those boundaries and follow them ardently. 

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Boundaries are necessary in every aspect of life as they refrain people from transgressing into other’s space. The same thing goes with friendships and relationships, when you don’t have boundaries, you are more likely to be exploited and concerned about your safety.

Nonetheless, if there are boundaries in relationships, it makes you comfortable and ensures that your privacy, personal space, peace of mind, and other important aspects of your life are not compromised. 

If you want to set healthy boundaries in your friendships, you need to consult each of your friends, take their opinions into account and then create a set of rules that every person would abide by. 

However, if you don’t take setting boundaries seriously, there are chances that you feel discontent with your friendships. Moreover, you may become vulnerable to gaslighting, exploiting, and manipulation.

Therefore, it becomes imperative that you ensure that your friendships have a set of boundaries to follow so that the bond of friendship is not compromised. 

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